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Pioneering Export Network launches

More than 100 businesses took part in the launch of the We Are International Export Network which is pivotal to a new campaign to bring more than £2.6bn exports into the Leeds City Region in the next five years.

Clarity not complexity for exporters

New to exporting? Are you daunted about the complexities of the paperwork involved in selling abroad? Don’t worry. We’ve got a tried and tested way of teaching you the basics in just a few hours.

Qatar gets tough on origin

Exporters to Qatar take note that Customs are refusing UK raised European Community Certificates of Origin (C/Os) for goods of foreign manufacture.

Would you credit it?

Each year Chamber International’s documentary credit manager, Roy Broadhead, and his team check hundreds of Letters of Credit on behalf of exporters, Chambers of Commerce and banks.

Bubbly export expansion

Even experienced exporters need to continually evolve their operations and keep abreast of changing conditions and regulations.

Displaying 176 - 180 of 185 matches
Page 36 of 37