50%-funded International Business Development Programme

19 December 2013

Who is the programme for?

The International Business Development programme has been developed specifically for senior staff in mid-sized businesses (£25m - £500m turnover). By taking part in the programme you will have the chance to think about the core exporting issues and priorities for your business.

What is the programme designed to do?

The programme is designed to:

  • Open up new opportunities for you to target markets further afield than the UK’s traditional export markets in the European Union
  • Enhance your leadership skills so that you are better placed to take your business forward in today’s tough markets
  • Open doors so that you know where to go to get reliable and trustworthy business advice – and have the skills to assess that advice
  • Build a network of business peers so that the benefits of the programme are ongoing

You will benefit from discussing the latest research and business models and applying them to your business.  Additionally one of the major benefits will be learning from like minded business leaders on the course who can provide a different perspective on problems and opportunities. 

What’s included in the programme?

  • Understanding your business
  • Developing strategy and the implications of various decisions
  • Developing an international strategy and thinking about different business models
  • International marketing
  • Selling into new markets
  • Understanding finance and risk
  • Thinking about technology and developing new products and services for new markets
  •  Corporate responsibility and business ethics

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