‘Right language’ speaks volumes in exports

10 October 2012

Research shows that being able to communicate with your overseas customers in their own language significantly boosts overseas sales. Four out of five businesses are more likely to buy something they can read about in their own language. It’s as simple as that.

So if those you sell to can read about you in their own language, you’ve got a distinct advantage.

Many firms wrongly believe that the whole business world beyond Britain’s shores speaks English. This is a dangerous assumption. Admittedly, 56 percent of Germans speak English but only 22 per cent of their Spanish counterparts do. That’s a lot of people you’re missing.

That’s where Chamber Translation can help boost your bottom line. We can translate web and sales material, brochures, letters and even the most technical or legal documents into all the major business languages. Not only is it quick and cost-effective, the translated material is entirely authentic and sounds like it comes from a native speaker.

All our translators work in their mother tongue. All are professional linguists. And we have specialists in all business sectors from agriculture to zoology.

On top of that we have all the latest time-saving technology. Once something is translated, it’s stored and never needs re-doing.

So whether it’s Swedish or Swahili, Mandarin or Hindi, click here or call Alison Holmes on 0845 034 7200 for further information about Chamber Translation’s fixed price services.