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Updates will be provided as the situation on this matter as more information becomes available.

Trade prospects and market access to EU member states*

Trade prospects and market access to non-EU with existing agreements*

Trade prospects and market access to non-EU member states without existing EU trade agreements*

Customs requirements and border management, incl Northern Ireland – Republic of Ireland*

Labour, skills and migration – access to the skills businesses need to maintain and grow their business*

Prices and Currency*

Business Regulation*

Business taxation (including cross-border VAT)*

Regional Development Funding*

Financial Services and City of London*

What Britain wants from Europe (BBC Q&A, 13 May 2015 – 1,600 words)

Pros & Cons of Britain Leaving the EU (‘The Week’ magazine – 1,170 words)

Pros & Cons of EU membership (YouTube video of Sky’s Ed Coleman – 2.13 mins)

Pros & Cons of an Early Referendum (politically, not economically; ‘Open Europe’ article – 670 words’. Open Europe is a think-tank wanting radical reform of the EU)

What has the EU done for us? (Daily Telegraph, 16 May 2014; 2,800 words)

(Three of the five articles above can be downloaded in one single document here.)



Spending contributions and receipts of individual member countries is available here.

British Chambers’ latest EU Barometer results can be found here.


*Source: Full Fact

Full Fact is an impartial fact-checking organisation that has published a check of the leaflets that the Stronger In and Vote Leave campaigns have circulated. Leaflets can be found here.