Translation services for exporters

Research shows that four out of five businesses are more likely to buy if they get information in their own language

Don’t rely on all your customers to speak English. You get better results speaking to them in their own language.

Whether it’s for websites, correspondence, legal documents, marketing or technical materials, our specialist translation service can turn English into any of the major European and Asian business languages. It all makes exporting easier and safer.

We’ve got three golden rules:

  1. All our translators are professionally qualified and experienced linguists.  You can be sure that your documents are completely accurate because they’re all checked by a second linguist.

  2. All translators work in their mother tongue – so you can be sure that the translation reads as if it were written by a native speaker.

  3. We ensure that translators understand the subject matter before starting work. We use your own industry’s terminology and our translators have vast experience of specialised technological and legal terms.

All work is handled by experienced project managers who are all graduate linguists. All translations are produced in accordance with international Quality Standard ISO9001-2008. We guarantee complete confidentiality. We offer full professional indemnity.

On top of all that we use the very latest translation technologies to create consistency across documents. We can use your glossaries or create new ones to ensure that the correct terminology is always used. We don’t use automated machine translation software. Translations are produced by skilled human linguists aided by the latest technology - not by computers.

We offer competitive rates. Contact us on 0845 034 7200 or via email for a fixed price and delivery time.

"Export sales of companies that most value languages are growing, on average, at £290k per company per year".

  British Chambers of Commerce