Gaining advice, building knowledge and entering new markets from meeting contacts  


Networking doesn’t just have to be about getting new business it can also be a way to relax, get business advice and build your knowledge of doing business internationally. You’re likely to meet highly experienced people and you should make the most of every opportunity to speak to them, it may be all you need to do to move your company into a new market.

You can learn about opportunities and trends that you could break into, or you might meet people that will open doors for you here. 

Upcoming events:


10-11 Oct

C5 8th Advanced Forum on Global Export Controls

25 Oct

GTR Africa Trade & Infrastructure Finance Conference 2017

26 Oct

GTR Mexico Trade & Export Finance Conference 2017 

2 Nov

OTE Export Action Plan Competition

8 Nov

C&F Post-Brexit Trade Policy Summit 

15-16 Nov

C5 6th Annual Conference on Economic Sanctions & Financial Crime 

21 Nov

GTR China Trade & Commodity Finance Conference 2017 

5-6 Dec

C5 10th Forum on Customs Compliance in partnership with HMRC 

24-25 Jan

C5 13th Advanced Conference on International Compliance, Legal Risks and Corporate Integrity

22 Feb 

PD Ports Northern Powerhouse Export Awards 2017/18 in Association with HSBC


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