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A tender has been issued for licensees for gadgets, games and gizmos

You should be able to supply: 
- gadgets that are unique in use, novelty, mechanical or electronic devices 
- gizmos that are innovative, unique and nonsensical 
- digital games with physical components

Licenses could be awarded for 1 or more product sub categories based on a company’s area of expertise. 
The company is looking to appoint an official licensee to work in collaboration to develop, produce, and distribute a range of branded products.

Its wants to develop an exclusive and distinct range of licensed products that bring together innovation and technology, targeting local, regional and international visitors to Dubai, as well as gadget enthusiasts and gaming experts globally.

The company want to have licensed products sold through retail outlets of various formats across the UAE and online.

All documents should be submitted in English.

Closing date: 17/11/2017

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A property developer has issued a tender for the construction of a gymnasium, restaurant and pool block

You should be able to carry out all construction works.

The building should include:

- an underground pool plant room 
- a ground floor gymnasium and restaurant 
- a first floor party hall and swimming pools

The area is around 2,858 square metres..

You must have a valid licence from Dubai Department of Economic Development to bid for this tender.

Tender documents will cost about £1,040.

Closing date: 22/11/2017

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A real estate leader wants education service providers to operate a K-12 school and nursery within a landmark community development

The development area is:

- at least 700 square meters (sqm) for the nursery 
- a gross floor area (GFA) of 40,000 sqm for the school 
Business models could be:

- buying the land on an outright sale basis 
- a long term lease of the land 
- a long term lease of a bespoke building developed according to the requirements of the education service provider 
- by entering into a joint venture agreement

Closing date: 30/11/2017

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Major international event seeks security equipment

A flagship national project is looking for an experienced security company to supply:

- security scanners 
- metal detectors / x-ray machines

The project will require physical security checks of thousands of people daily over a period of several months.

Due to the importance of the project interested companies must have:

- experience of working in the region 
- an ability to carry out work in the market via a local distributor or partner

Introductions to the client organisation will only be offered to companies with suitable experience.

The contract will go out to tender in October 2017. There are no Arabic language requirements for this opportunity.

Closing date: 01/12/2017

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade.

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