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UAE company is looking for a UK publisher

It needs a publisher in the UK to:

- develop a storyboard 
- publish a book

The payment model will be negotiated. It will include a royalty fee to the UAE company.

Closing date: 13/08/2017

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A publishing company is looking for app designers to digitise their books

The publisher wants to digitise their published content in the form of an interactive ebook for web and mobile applications.

The company has published 4 children’s books.

Closing date: 13/08/2017

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A UAE educational institution in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah is looking to partner with a university

It needs a partner to deliver academic programmes and degrees in:

- business 
- architecture

The local organisation will:

- provide infrastructure 
- provide financial support 
- provide underwriting 
- facilitate local government approvals 
- undertake all student recruitment activity

Closing date: 13/08/2017

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A major international event requires a design agency to develop a digital platform

The platform is required by a large public organisation and is wanted to illustrate the evolution of design in the Arab world for their event.

The design agency must have an exceptional track record of delivering this service at an international level.

Procurement for this opportunity will begin in July 2017 with the contract being awarded in September 2017.

The tender documentation is in English.

Closing date: 31/08/2017

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Major international event seeks security equipment

A flagship national project is looking for an experienced security company to supply:

- security scanners 
- metal detectors / x-ray machines

The project will require physical security checks of thousands of people daily over a period of several months.

Due to the importance of the project interested companies must have:

- experience of working in the region 
- an ability to carry out work in the market via a local distributor or partner

Introductions to the client organisation will only be offered to companies with suitable experience.

The contract will go out to tender in October 2017. There are no Arabic language requirements for this opportunity.

Closing date: 01/12/2017

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade.

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