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A Middle East and North Africa (MENA) e-commerce website wants UK brands, vendors and wholesalers for the baby, mother and child market

Mumzworld is the number one mother, baby and child e-commerce platform in the MENA region.

It is not a standard marketplace, they work with UK brands by either.
- direct purchase, this is standard wholesale buying where Mumzworld is the retailer
- e-commerce consignment: where you send an inventory to Mumzworld, they list it on their platform and pay only when it sells, with the option to return anything unsold
- back to back, this option is only open to brands who have distributors in the Middle East

If using the back to back option Mumzworld will:

1. list the inventory on its platform.
2. when a customer orders, the platform raises a purchase order for the item with the distributor in the Middle East
3. the distributor has one business day to deliver the item to Mumzworld, who deliver the item to the customer

For the consignment and back-to-back models, Mumzworld commissions range 15 to 50% depending on the product category and if they they have exclusivity in the region.

Closing date: 31/12/2020

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_____________________________________________________________ is looking for UK brands and retailers who wish to sell to its customers in the Middle East is one of the largest in the Middle East. It has 30 million registered users and caters for a wide audience and demographic.

The marketplace is looking for a variety of UK retail products that are mid-range to premium quality.

The marketplace works with brands and retailers in 3 ways:

- wholesale and direct purchase for strong, well known brands
- marketplace model where your products will be one to the marketplace’s fulfilment centre. The marketplace will then pick, pack and ship you orders (this is the preferred method)
- if you already have a presence in the market including through a distributor. You can list your product on the platform and when it is ordered it will appear in the seller portal. You then send it to the marketplace and it fulfils your order

The marketplace gives companies of all sizes an international sales channel with no up front costs. It can store, pack and deliver your products as well as provide customer service and handle returns.

The safe payment infrastructure offers security for sellers.

The marketplace also offers marketing services at extra costs. Including keyword targeted advertising, headline search advertising and product display advertising.

Closing date: 20/06/2021

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade.

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