UAE Opportunities


A major international festival wants event and exhibition management agencies to support in the delivery of its programme

You must have experience with large events management.

You must be able to work to written briefs and have capability for creative design.

You should have experience in the following, but are not limited to:

- programme strategy, content creation and development 
- guest and venue management 
- website design and development 
- public relations, marketing and brand messages 
- infrastructure venue preparation and build 
- build of pre-fabricated and modular structures 
- audio-visual technical expertise and installation capabilities 
- water, waste and power management

You must have experience of operating in the UAE.

Closing date: 29/08/2018

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An art facility needs consultancy to assess its space and provide recommendations for its new digital lab

You must be able to assess the current digital lab and offer recommendations on:

- studio layout 
- technology 
- health and safety 
- storage 
- maintenance

You must have expertise in one or all of the following areas:

- 3D printing 
- Apple software 
- animation 
- robotics

Closing date: 01/09/2018

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A contemporary art and design studio wants consultants to assess its space and provide future facility recommendations

You must be able to assess the current studio facilities including, but not limited to:

- studio layout 
- power, water and drainage 
- machinery and tools 
- materials 
- health and safety 
- storage 
- maintenance

The facilities are used for:

- digital and digital printing 
- darkroom 
- photography 
- fine art 
- print making 
- textile 
- fashion

Due to the specialist skills required for each studio, the design studio will appoint a number of consultants in the following space:

- art institutions including schools, colleges and universities with an enterprise department 
- individuals with relevant specialist skills 
- print studios 
- print makers 
- photography studios 
- fine art studios 
- art management consultants

You must have:

- at least 5 years practical studio management and maintenance experience 
- experience of writing assessment reports for arts organisations 
- preferably experience of working in an international environment

Closing date: 12/09/2018

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A global real estate services organisation needs a UK operator to run a school

You must be willing to operate the built-to-suit school on a long term lease and joint venture partnership.

The school will be:

- part of an upcoming mixed-use development in Muscat 
- developed on a 1.2 million square metre plot of land 
- near to Muscat International Airport

Closing date: 30/09/2018

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade.

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