A regional airport undergoing modernisation wants to buy detection equipment

They require:

- people screening equipment 
- baggage screening equipment 
- endoscopes 
- fixed metal detectors

The regional airport:

- is at the early stages of modernisation programme 
- currently only serves domestic flights 
- plans to create international freight and passenger border crossing checkpoints

Closing Date: 01/07/2017

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Government tender for video monitoring solutions to analyse bicycle and pedestrian traffic

Moscow's government has announced an open tender for video-monitoring solutions for bicycle lanes and pedestrian lanes.

Solutions submitted for this tender should be able to:

- provide day and night video-monitoring of pedestrian and bicycle lanes 
- operate in both hot and very cold outdoor environments and variety of weather conditions 
- analyse patterns of pedestrian and bicycle traffic and other trajectories (eg crossing roads) 
- provide image recognition, allowing analysis of whether the same pedestrians / cyclists are using routes regularly 
- provide recommendations on pedestrian and bicycle routes optimisations

Closing Date: 29/09/2017

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The Moscow transport authority wants a consultant to design and develop a traffic outline plan

It is looking for services to design and develop:

- a traffic outline plan 
- transport and passenger modelling 
- a traffic signing and navigation plan

This is for new suburban areas of Moscow which need traffic schemes and designs.

Closing Date: 24/11/2017

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Methodology for traffic modelling data collection required

Moscow research institute is interested in UK expertise in providing solutions for traffic data collection. Due to the challenging traffic situation in the city, the aim is to make it more efficient by ensuring accurate data collection.

Interested companies will need to provide expertise in data collection for traffic modelling including:

- methodology 
- approach formulation 
- innovative ideas of collecting data (apart from CCTV cameras, mobile operators and movement detectors)

Requirements for companies:

• large cities experience 
• international experience 
• innovative solutions 
• success case studies

The institute is responsible for:

• providing solutions for city transport system maintenance and development 
• development of commercially effective solutions on construction and renovation of transport infrastructure 
• road traffic management and development of traffic models

Closing Date: 25/11/2017

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A leading Russian fertiliser producer wants to work with UK companies experienced in designing software to support the production of mineral fertilisers

They wish to work with companies with experience in producing software:

- that can make calculations for technological mass-exchange 
- for heat exchange equipment

Closing Date: 15/12/2017

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.

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