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Large distributor of television content wants UK documentaries and popular sience programmes for the Russian regional market

The distributor of TV-content is looking to add UK documentary programmes to its portfolio.

The company predominantly focuses on distribution to Russia's regions. Their recent market analysis revealed that there is a demand for short programmes up to 40 to 45 minutes to be broadcast between regular news programmes on regional TV-channels.

They are specifically looking for documentaries, popular science programmes and other short programmes to match this demand. 
The programmes will need to be translated into Russian.

Closing date: 28/02/2017

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Mobile museum platform in Moscow is looking to open a permanent exhibition space. Design services as well as multimedia tools, crowdfunding technologies and brand management are of interest

A Moscow-based museum is in the process of negotiations with Moscow City Government and investors to open a new exhibition space. Set up in 2013 as a platform for communication, art exhibitions and sightseeing activities the museum is dedicated to the high-rise buildings in the centre of Moscow and the world urbanisation trends. Its collection consists of artefacts, models of the skyscrapers, videos, photographs and design documents. So far it has been operating as a mobile institution with exhibitions held at various venues of Moscow-City; the plan is however to create a permanent exhibition space. The Museum is looking for ideas and will appreciate an early acquaintance with British architects, designers, specialists in the museums sector in order to be prepared to launch the project.

Areas of interest:

Design of exhibition space; 
Multimedia tools; 
Audio-visual production; 
Brand management; 
Crowd funding technologies; 
Educational activities for visitors

Closing date: 01/03/2017

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.


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