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A leading aluminium company is looking for partners in aluminium oxide and catalyst production

It is interested in:

- aluminium downstream companies 
- 1st tier producers, such as aluminium extrusion, rolling or casting plants

The company:

- is the 6th largest aluminium company 
- has an aluminium production capacity is 3.7 million tonnes 
- has a 6.2% share of global aluminium production 
- is interested in developing aluminium hydroxide and catalysts production in Russia 
- is looking for partners with technology or sufficient capabilities to localise catalyst production

Closing date: 18/11/2017

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One of the world’s largest aluminium companies is looking for high pure oxide technology

You should:

- possess technology for aluminium high pure oxide (HPO) 
- have the capability and be experienced in aluminium HPO production 
- be ready to establish a JV production of aluminium HPO in Russia

Production is for the domestic market and also could be partially exported due to a possible competitive price and low production costs.

Currently the project is in the active development stage and the Russian company is looking for a foreign partner.

Closing date: 18/11/2017

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A large airport is looking for runway equipment providers for 8 new runways that are part of a major infrastructure development plan

It is looking for:

- paints 
- light reflection technologies 
- signal lightning 
- equipment for monitoring runway perimeters 
- de-icing chemicals 
- heating technologies

The first 4 runways have to be completed by 2020.

Closing date: 20/12/2017

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.


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