A Chinese E-commerce company is seeking protein powder producers or trading companies in Europe for cooperation via commercial distribution agreement (Ref: BRCN20180803002)

This is a Chinese company specialized in online and offline distribution of food and daily necessities. According to its business expansion strategy, the company is looking for associated product suppliers from Europe that hope to market their products in China.

Target products include: healthcare products, healthy food for body building or health keeping, like protein powder or other similar supplement products. Potential cooperation could be worked out via a commercial distribution agreement

Closing date: 04/08/2019

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A Chinese company is looking for green tea distributors in Europe (Ref: BOCN20180727004)

This is a Chinese company specialized in local Chinese agro-food production and distribution. For its business expansion, the company is seeking distributors with sales channels in Europe.

Target products include: family-made quality green tea that has never entered European market. Potential cooperation could be worked out via a distribution agreement.

Closing date: 16/08/2019

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A Chinese online store platform seeks European soap manufacturers and intends to conduct cooperation under a manufacturing agreement (Ref: BRCN20180810001)

The Chinese E-commerce online store platform is selecting the best products from all over the world for its Chinese customers. Based on their product category expansion plan, they are looking for cost-efficient soap products from the European market.

The Chinese company wants to conduct the cooperation with the potential European soap manufacturer partners via a manufacturing agreement.

Closing date: 16/08/2019

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The social and ecommerce app Goxip is looking for fashion and luxury goods from the UK

Goxip, a leading fashion and beauty marketplace in Hong Kong, is seeking goods from the UK to sell on its platform across a number of popular product categories, including:

- fashion 
- shoes 
- jewellery and accessories 
- beauty

Goxip represents an opportunity for British brands to enter or expand into the Chinese market, with 300,000 monthly users.

Brands also have the opportunity to customise their own brand store page.

Register your interest below for more information, The HQ team will liaise with Goxip and we will contact those UK companies of interest directly.

Closing date: 30/06/2020

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.


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