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Chinese company wants partners to help to deliver and operate its elderly care programme in Xi’an

The Chinese company, established in 2010, is a property developer. It has little knowledge or experience in the elderly care sector. The company wants elderly care management and consulting services to help it deliver and operate a new care programme.

It's hoping the potential partner can invest RMB 6 million for a return of 10% share in the project. The owner promises share dividends and management fees for the UK institution. The company has data supporting a RMB 10 million profit forecast per annum.

The cooperation model is open for discussion with UK companies interested in this opportunity.

Land use approval and the feasibility and design stages are complete. The project in Xi’an involves:

- construction of an elderly care community with a project start date of end of 2016 to start of 2017

- construction of an adjacent area by the government as a public park

- 2,000 houses, of which 80% will be sold, 10% rented and 10% will be supporting facilities

- 500,000 households and 30,000 acres in area

Closing date: 20/01/2017

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Large online English teaching website seeks accounting certificate training materials

The company is looking for training materials / modules for accounting certificates including:

- CFA 
- CMA 

The materials and/or modules can be presented in the form of an online course lasting for 8 or 12 weeks. Interactive modules are of particular interest.

The Chinese company operates one of the largest English teaching and training websites in China. It provides:

- online English learning programmes 
- training programmes for tests and interviews 
- office software

According to independent statistics, the website has 10 million registered users from a large range of age groups. This number of registered users is 3 times that of China’s second largest English teaching website.

Closing date: 31/01/2017

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A real estate company is seeking a partner with experience in commercial real estate

The company is seeking partners that are engaged in real estate development, estate management or architectural design for its commercial real estate in Guangdong.

The Guangzhou-based real estate company is state-owned and has strong financial capability. Its business covers commercial real estate and facility development, estate management and investment. Its first commercial building is located in the central business district of Guangzhou and it has several land storage areas in and around Guangdong.

Closing date: 15/03/2017

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.

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