Chinese company seeks partner and technology to recycle livestocks and poultry waste

A Chinese company operates in the field of sustainable management of organic waste is looking for international partners partners and technologies to recycle livestocks and poultry waste by services agreement or joint venture agreement or technology transfer.

Closing Date: 08/07/2017

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Nuclear (HVO CHN-21)

China intends to build approximately 60 GW of new build nuclear power stations over the next 20 years while continuing to support operational power stations including life extension and preparations for decommissioning.

China is the world’s fastest growing nuclear market in all aspects in the civil nuclear industry, including new build, waste management and decommissioning, and nuclear fuel cycle.

Opportunities for the UK:

New build - providing specialist equipment including critical instrumentation and control systems, valves and pumps and forgings;

Fuel services - reprocessing and enrichment services;

Waste Management & Decommissioning - an area where the Chinese have limited experience and where the UK has genuine world leading capability across the full waste management & decommissioning areas including creating legal and regulatory systems, funding mechanisms, strategic planning and organisational structures, programme management, design, construction and operation of waste facilities, transport and handling services and specialist equipment.

The new build programme in the UK offers up additional opportunities to grow and share business and expertise with Chinese counterparts in China, UK and third markets.

High Value Opportunities (HVO) programme   

The high value opportunities programme identifies large scale overseas projects offering the most value to UK Plc and aims to provide an intensive level of support to help UK businesses win contracts in and around these opportunities. Find out more.

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.

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