Metals, Minerals & Materials


A consortium will publish a tender to charter at least 2 drilling rigs

You should be able to supply drilling rigs for offshore works.

The contract will be for 3 years. It might be extended for more 2 years.

The first rig is expected to start operation by the second half of 2018.

Closing date: 31/10/2017

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A manufacturer is looking for UK plastic raw materials suppliers for medical equipment production

You should be able to supply:

- H103-PP Homo Polypropylene S25 - Harmonised System (HS) code 3902.10 
- high impact Polystyrene U8878 in a neutral colour - HS Code 3903.30 
- PVC 830 and Cristal Compost - HS Code 3904.22 
- Durethan AKV30 H3.0 000000 - HS Code 3908.10

The manufacturer is a mid-sized company.

It is introducing new medical products to its portfolio in Brazil and other overseas markets.

Closing date: 13/11/2017

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A local company wants to represent UK suppliers of pickling services

You should be able to supply metal pickling services for steel surfaces.

The buyer is interested in innovative processes to represent in the Brazilian market.

Closing date: 30/11/2017

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*Opportunities supplied by UK Trade & Investment

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