Collaborate and trade internationally              

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) operates in over 50 countries - including the EU and further afield in markets such as Israel, India, Russia and South Korea.

EEN helps business to make the most of the European market place. Working with local organisations, we help our clients to develop their business in new markets, source or license out new technologies, find business partners and access EU finance and funding.

We can help you:

  • Find commercial partners, (e.g. dealers or agents)
  • Identify technology partners for exchange / manufacturing purposes
  • Manage and protect Intellectual Property
  • Access European Funding and Grants for R&D
  • Better understand European markets and legislation
  • Identify suitable trade shows and brokerage events

The services provided are FREE at the point of delivery.

To meet with one of our specialist trade advisers, contact us on 

+44 (0) 113 203 1383 or email.

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