Russia & Customs Union

Certification of Products for Exports to Russia and the Customs Union

Compliance to Customs Union Technical Regulations is required when exporting to the Eurasian Economic Union - EAEU (former Customs Union). Member states are: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

GOST certification systems for individual member states are being gradually replaced by certification to the Customs Union Technical Regulations (CU TR). 

Technical Regulations are similar to Directives, covering the requirements to the entire product’s life cycle. Each TR is supported by GOSTs and other standards in terms of product-specific requirements and testing methods. 

Products successfully assessed with the Customs Union Technical Regulations are marked with EAC Mark of Conformity (EAC stands for Eurasian Conformity). The EAC Mark applies to exports to, and goods manufactured in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

Several types of conformity assessment are currently in place depending on the type of product: certification or declaring to national GOST systems, Customs Union TR certification or declaring, State Registration. 

Applicable conformity assessment documents have to be in place for the Customs clearance and for sale and/or marketing within the member states.

Goods currently covered by Technical Regulations are: industrial and low-voltage electrical equipment, equipment intended for hazardous areas, textiles, footwear and accessories for adults, all children’s products including toys, cosmetics, food, and furniture. 

Most common applicable certificates (not limited to) are:  

  • CU TR Certificate of Conformity 
  • CU TR Declaration of Conformity
  • Gost-R Certificate of Conformity 
  • Gost-R Declaration of Conformity 
  • State Registration
  • Fire Safety Certification
  • Justification of Safety
  • Technical Passport
  • Exemption Letter

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