Product Conformity Programme for exports to Kuwait

Kuwait's market for imported goods has expanded rapidly. To assure Kuwait's consumers of the safety and quality of imported goods, the Public Authority for Industry of the State of Kuwait (PAI) has implemented guidelines to verify the conformity of all 'Regulated Products.' These guidelines are diligently enforced, and form the Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme (KUCAS).

The scheme is a group of procedures carried out by PAI to verify the conformity of all 'Regulated Products' to Kuwait's Technical Regulations on imported and domestic products alike in accordance with the regulations of this scheme.
The scheme in brief:

  • All consignments of imported goods which contain regulated products must be accompanied by a Technical Inspection Report (TIR)
  • The TIR is required to ensure trouble free customs clearance of shipments in Kuwait
  • The TIR confirms that the products comply with the relevant Kuwait technical regulations and approved international/regional/national standards
  • The authorities in Kuwait may take random samples from imported consignments to verify compliance

For further information on the scheme and downloads of essential documentation, click here.

Exporters of regulated products to Kuwait can contact Chamber International to obtain more information on the programme and also apply for Certificates of Conformity.

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