Chamber International internships help overseas students interested in global trade


Two new interns have worked with Chamber International this summer in a programme that helps young people learn about overseas trade and adds an extra global dimension to the business.

Adrian Aguado, who is Spanish, and French student, Lola Coue, will each spend three months working in the Chamber International team to gain practical experience about different aspects of global trade.

Adrian, 21, gained his internship through Spanish organisation, Escuela Profesional Javerianas, and found it useful as he was studying international trade at college. He has now returned to Spain to study marketing.

He says: “My internship was the best opportunity for me to visit the UK and the biggest option that Escuela Profesional Javerianas gave me, so I took it, and I loved it!

“How different countries approach international trade is very interesting and being part of a team supporting them with advice, logistics and documentation was fascinating. So was letting them know that Chamber International, as part of a global network, will always be there to support businesses needing help.

“I found the internship really useful because I had to make my own decisions associated with the work I wad doing. I also had my own project which I was given help with which enabled me to learn as much as possible.  Chamber International treated me very well and I would totally recommend the organisation to others seeking an internship.”

Lola Coue, 22, who comes from La Rochelle, is still completing her internship gained through The Erasmus Programme while she studies for a master’s degree in foreign languages applied to international affairs at Marseille University.

She says: “As part of my degree I must complete a work placement in France or overseas.  I have worked for a wine company in Spain and am now enjoying working in the UK with Chamber International.

“As part of my degree relates to exporting for SMEs, working here is very useful. It is helping me better understand international trade, including export documentation and the trade agreements that exist between different countries.

“My internship also allows me to gain a very interesting overview of the UK export sector including the diversity of products that UK is exporting. But what I enjoy most was the idea of being able to help companies to export.

“My internship has been a very useful work experience and helpful for my career objectives as I am returning to France to start a new work placement as a junior export consultant.”

Chamber International director, Tim Bailey says: “We have run internships for may years as a way of putting something back into the exporting sector and value them highly.

“They are useful to us as we get the energy and perspective of young people from all over the world and, in turn, they work as part of our team and gain practical help in learning about international trade which is crucial for the world economy.”