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Chamber International, @ChamberInt, invites you to join China specialists (live from China) as they host a Twitter “Twitchat” on Thursday 31 March from 10am-11am, UK time.  

The theme will be: Selling into China Using e-Commerce.  You can follow the chat and send your questions (either in advance or during the event) using the hashtag #AskChinaExperts.  Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to get advice, know-how, useful links and register for follow-up!

Our panellists (pictured right) Matthew Grandage, @ChamberIntChina, and Jim Baillie,  @TheJamesBaillie, along with other expert participating guests will be answering your questions.

Matthew Grandage is Chamber International’s Associate for China Affairs, and specialises in helping British businesses and organisations understand China, its market opportunities and business culture.  He worked in China for 15 years managing teams in both English and Mandarin. Matthew is a trained mechanical engineer and has worked for multinationals, British SMEs and NGOs as well as being a small-business owner himself.

Jim Baillie is the founder of Panda eCommerce and Arcadia Global, and Vice President of International Operations at Mamenta.  An entrepreneur with ten years’ experience at the leading edge of cross-border eCommerce, he has enabled hundreds of brands (including Puma, Tommy Hilfiger and Espirit, as well as smaller companies) to become successful online retailers in China.  Jim lived in Shenzhen from 2005 until 2014, and is now based in the UK.

Participating experts:

Hailing Yu works as China Business Advisor for the China Britain Business Council (CBBC). She has 20 years of experience of building and running businesses in both the UK and China, ranging from fashion to personal care and from food to retail. Hailing combines practical knowledge of doing business in both the UK and China with a background in market research and in depth knowledge of new and emerging technologies.

LNP China is specialised in offering easy and secure solutions for overseas companies wanting to do business in China. They have supported over £25 million of exports for clients in China since 2007. Alex Phillips, LNP China's China Country Manager, will be answering questions at the TwitChat.


Chamber International are well known for being The Export Specialists.  By combining this with regional/country expertise, we can an offer an even more powerful resource to help your business to greater success in export markets. 

Here are just some of the areas we can help you with. Click here to email our China specialists to find out more:

  • China-specific market research and assessment capabilities
  • Customs requirements and documentation support
  • Strong understanding of China – including its regional, social and ethnic diversities
  • Support when preparing business trips to China or hosting incoming delegations
  • In-depth training regarding Chinese worldview, values and culture for business
  • Mentoring to build long-term trust relationships with Chinese partners
  • Translation and interpretation services

See our Key Markets pages for more information about exporting to China and other regions worldwide. 

Chamber International - Matthew Grandage - Join us for our #AskChinaExperts TwitChat

Chamber International Associate for China Affairs

Chamber International - James Baillie - Join us for our #AskChinaExperts TwitChat

Jim Baillie founder of Panda eCommerce and Arcadia Global, VP of International Operations at Mamenta