Investment opportunities in Egypt

Britain has a long history of strong shared interests with Egypt; the UK is the largest foreign investor in Egypt and in 2014 total trade volume between the two countries came close to £2 billion.  Egypt is turning a page after a tumultuous 3 years; a highlight of this year is the international investment conference in Sharm El Sheikh headed by the presidency (13 -15 March 2015, During this conference a set of regulatory and institutional reforms is introduced to an international business audience alongside a series of investment opportunities (see below) in support of the government’s medium term development strategy.

Meanwhile its core strengths remain - preferential trade agreements, highly competitive labour and utility costs, a talented labour force, proximity to key global markets and a large domestic consumer market (90 million inhabitants).  

Egypt's Ministry of Investment and Ministry of Finance (PPP Central Unit) release regular updates on investment opportunities across all sectors. The EBCC makes these available in the UK. As part of the Sharm El Sheikh Conference, the Ministry of Investment released its medium term development strategy including a list of all planned projects.

Chamber International - Investment Project in Egypt - Ministry of Investment

The strategy can be downloaded below: 


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