Advice for foreign Carnet Holders currently in the UK and unable to move their goods


Any traders whose goods have been imported into the UK under cover of a foreign issued ATA Carnet, which has less than two months of validity remaining, should aim to obtain a Replacement Carnet. The procedure is as follows: 

  1. Contact the UK Customs and request permission to obtain a Replacement Carnet. The email must include the reason for extension and details of the existing Carnet: Carnet number, validity date, date of entry into UK and port of entry into UK
  2. If the UK Customs approve the request (usually by email), the Holder should contact the Chamber that issued the original Carnet and request a Replacement. This must be done before the original Carnet expires
  3. The Replacement Carnet will need to be validated by the Customs of the country of issue before being sent to the UK
  4. Both the Replacement and the existing Carnet must be sent to the National Carnet Unit to be endorsed: 

National ATA Carnet Unit

HM Revenue and Customs

Ralli Quays

3 Stanley Street


M60 9LA

Any foreign Carnet Holders who are unable to re-export the goods within the validity of the Carnet, are advised to gather any evidence to justify the reason for failing to comply with the UK Customs regulations.

This could be flight cancellation notifications, government notice of lockdown, hotel booking extension etc and will be used to plead for leniency in case of a UK Customs claim.

Naturally, Carnet Holders should still do their best to ensure that the Carnet is stamped on re-export from the UK as well as back into their home country even if the document has expired.


Telephone advice is available from the Chamber International Carnet team at any stage of the application procedure or, if you are accompanying your goods, at any stage of your journey.

For further details telephone one of our specialists on +44 (0)7827 318692 or via email.