Rules of Origin: Made in ... where? Online Workshop 


Why are rules of origin important?

Determining where a product comes from is no longer easy, when raw materials and parts criss-cross the globe in complex supply chains.

Rules of origin are therefore needed so that a single country of origin is attributed to each product.

Why do I need to establish the origin of my goods?

Duty rates, preferential trade agreements, trade sanctions and import quotas are all regulated according to country of origin. As the UK develops its own trade policy, negotiates free trade agreements and sets its own tariffs, an understanding of the rules concerning origin will become vital for UK importers and exporters.

About your trainer

Our trainer Mette Werdelin Azzam is a world-leading expert in rules of origin who, as senior technical officer for the World Customs Organisation in Brussels, has trained thousands of customs officers in origin and tariff related subjects during her career.


  • An introduction to general principles
  • Preferential & Non-Preferential origin
  • The concept of “last substantial process” and “wholly produced”
  • Tariff shift and value-added tests
  • Cumulation
  • Record keeping

Venue: Videoconference via Zoom

Date: 29 March 2021 

Time: from 9.30am to 12.30pm

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