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A Russian company offers technical solutions for optimization of oil and gas extraction process (Ref: BORU20150903001)

A Russian company from Perm region provides consulting services and technical solutions for implementation and application of integrated modeling tools and automation of workflows requiring application of an integrated model and its components for oil and gas production and processing companies.The company seeks the partners for the services and distribution services agreement, outsourcing and subcontracting.

Closing Date: 07/10/2016

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Russia’s FIFA World Cup 2018; Development of Sport and Supporting Infrastructure (HVO RUS-18)

Russia's FIFA World Cup™ plan suggests construction of 13 new stadiums in cities across the country, renovation of three existing ones, and promises investment of USD 11 billion of public and private funds into tourism infrastructure, including hotels, railways and airports, to host several hundred thousand expected visitors.

The Russia’s federal budget will provide USD 10 billion of funding for the FIFA WC 2018 sports infrastructure, excluding airports and roads. The cost of stadium construction alone is projected at USD 3.82 billion. The biggest spending is planned after the year 2013.

The most expensive investments are likely to be in infrastructure that should come from private and public sources and include: USD 35 billion on new roads and railways; more than USD 2 billion on airport upgrades and more than USD 11 billion on development of tourism infrastructure, primarily to increase the number of three-star hotels and budget accommodation.

Contracts arising from the World Cup cover a broad range of sectors, from architecture, engineering, construction management, transport, security, environmental planning, power engineering, sport venue fit out (plant and equipment, seating, surfacing, lighting, IT), through to event delivery (security, recruitment, volunteering programmes, training, broadcasting, event management, media signage, ticketing, screens, temporary overlay, crowd control, transportation and branding), hospitality and catering.

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Implementation of multilateral dimension and Black Sea Synergy - ENI

Technical assistance required to support the implementation of the Eastern Partnership and Black Sea synergy

Implementation of the Eastern Partnership multilateral dimension and support to the implementation of the Black Sea Synergy

European neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) project.

ENI (& Total) Cost: 4 M€

Sector: Good Governance

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the implementation of the Eastern Partnership and the Black Sea Synergy.

The specific objective is to support the multilateral dimension of the Eastern Partnership and the Black Sea Synergy.


  • Implementation of increased policy dialogue within the Eastern Partnership and the Black Sea Synergy through small-scale activities, including events, studies and technical assistance


Service: 4 M€

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East global allocation 2015 - ENI

Technical assistance required to support the project management cycle in the Eastern neighbourhood countries

European neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) project.

ENI (& Total) Cost: 6 M€

Sector: Good Governance

The overall objective of this project is to support the project management cycle in the Eastern Neighbourhood such as preparation, follow-up and monitoring of programmes, EaP flagships, and activities in the field of information and communication.


  • Identification and formulation of projects that may result in funding from ENI East (e.g. sector studies, country or region studies, studies on horizontal and cross-cutting issues or in specialised areas, preparatory activities, etc.) as well as their follow-up and monitoring

  • Support to the management, implementation and monitoring of the EaP Flagships (notably ensuring coherence, monitoring and visibility of the SME Flagship and related activities)

  • Other small-scale activities to back up major projects during their implementation

  • Audits, evaluations and impact assessment of projects for which financing of such activities could not be foreseen due to the N+1 rule, or is no longer available

  • Information and communication activities to (i) raise awareness and visibility of the EU, the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership; (ii) to enhance the visibility of EU-funded activities; and (iii) to improve the understanding of EU cooperation policies in the ENI East region


Service: 4,5 M€

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.


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