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Russian company would like to develop and deliver training programmes for specialists involved in radioactive waste management

One of the largest Russian companies involved in Radioactive Waste (RAW) management is looking for a partner to develop and deliver joint training programmes for specialists involved in RAW management including collection, transportation, treatment and storage, as well as radiation emergency service, radio-ecological and mercury monitoring.

The company has a training centre established with the support of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Now it is interested to involve international trainers and coaches and develop new programmes for Russian and foreign specialists involved in RAW management.

Closing date: 01/10/2016

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A leading education agent based in Ekaterinburg, Russia, is looking to expand its network of partners in the UK and establish relations with British universities, colleges and schools

The agency offers education abroad services, which includes English language courses for children and adults, secondary education, university preparation programmes and higher education.

It is already working with many educational establishments in almost 40 countries around the world including Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, France, Czech Republic and many others.

Ekaterinburg being the third big Russian city in term of economic development with population of 1.4 million people offers significant opportunities for educational services, so the company is looking to expand its offer and build relations with more

• higher education establishments 
• boarding schools 
• language schools offering short-term English Language courses

Potential partners should have been at least 3 years in the market. 
Language schools must have the British Council accreditation and ideally also be members of organisations such as English UK/Quality English, etc.

Boarding schools, colleges and universities must be highly trusted sponsors with tier 4 sponsor licence to be able to provide support for long term students’ visas.

Closing date: 31/10/2016

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Companies with experience in steward training and crowd flow management required for FIFA World Cup 2018 and Confederations Cup 2017

As any other major sporting event, WC-2018 presents security challenges, thus, in order to ensure safe environment at stadiums UK expertise in providing steward training and crowd flow management is required. Stewards’ functions will include: security screening, crowd flow management and preventing offence at stadiums. Stewards will be employed by the Organising Committee on fixed-term contracts. General training concept and its details will be finalised by September 2016. Training will be completed by stewards in two stages: general steward training (that is to be provided by accredited organisations) and venue specific training.

Companies with experience in FIFA WC, Olympic Games and other Global Sports Projects are encouraged to respond to the opportunity as soon as possible.

Closing date: 31/11/2016

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Temporary staff sourcing and recruitment services needed by 2018 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee

2018 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee is looking for companies to provide out-staffing, sourcing and temporary staff recruitment services in 2018 FIFA World Cup and 2017 Confederations Cup host cities.

Among the requirements are previous out-staffing experience and experience in Russian market, availability of offices/partners in the majority of host cities and qualified recruiting personnel, guaranteed candidate replacements under certain circumstances, etc. 
Comprehensive list of requirements is available upon request.

This is an open tender and its closing date is August 30th, with the evaluation of proposals completed before September 30th.

Companies with experience in FIFA WC, Olympic Games and other Global Sports Projects are encouraged to respond to the opportunity as soon as possible.

Closing date: 01/12/2016

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.


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