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A large airport is looking for runway equipment providers for 8 new runways that are part of a major infrastructure development plan

It is looking for:

- paints 
- light reflection technologies 
- signal lightning 
- equipment for monitoring runway perimeters 
- de-icing chemicals 
- heating technologies

The first 4 runways have to be completed by 2020.

Closing date: 20/12/2017

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A drugs manufacturer is looking for a distributor in antibiotics

It is looking for a UK antibiotics distributor (Fosfomycin, Polymyxin B, Teicoplanin etc).

The company is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Russia. It specialises in antibiotics and antituberculous drugs for IV administrations, IV solutions etc.

Closing date: 01/01/2018

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A manufacturer of antibiotics and antituberculous drugs is looking for a partner to support its R&D project

The R&D department of a Russian pharma company is close to going through pre-clinical studies with a new drug dosage form of second-line TB medicine.

The advantages include 100% bioavailability, higher efficiency and lower toxicity which have been confirmed during pre-clinical studies.

The 'First-in-man' study will start in 2018. Intellectual property is protected as well.

The company is interested in working with a partner company which will be able to support this project and be responsible for all activities in other countries.

Closing date: 01/01/2018

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A distributor of veterinary products is looking for UK suppliers

You should be able to supply products like:

- antibiotics 
- vaccines 
- hormones 
- vitamins

Your products should be registered in Russia or Belarus. The company provides services of registration of veterinary products.

The company:

- is an official distributor of Zoetis, Ceva, Livisto and Hipra 
- has been trading for 14 years 
- is based in Moscow with representative offices in 4 other cities

You should be prepared to communicate in Russian.

Closing date: 01/03/2018

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A large passenger vehicle manufacturer is looking for paint suppliers

IYou should be able to supply paint and different coloured foils for hot stamping.

Closing date: 31/03/2018

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.


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