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Russian company with five hypermarkets seeks innovative products

The company operates five hypermarkets and offers thousands of brands and over 300,000 items. It is looking to add to the current portfolio some new and innovative products in the category of household goods & chemicals. This includes all kinds of cleaning tools and means applicable for cleaning and washing all types of surfaces and materials.

The products should high quality, middle of the market price range and with clearly advanced / different features in terms of design and/or quality in comparison to similar goods available in the market.

Closing date: 31/10/2016

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Russian manufacturer of catheters for nosebleed treatment seeks distributors and agents (Ref: BORU20160705001)

A Russian company from Yaroslavl region, engaged in manufacture of catheters for nosebleed treatment (made of natural latex), is looking for partners for its products under distribution services or commercial agency agreements in the CIS and EU countries.

Closing date: 05/07/2017

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Russian medicine company offers liquid probiotics for therapy of various diseases to distributors (Ref: BORU20160714001)

The company from Novosibirsk, Russia, is specializing in production and application of liquid probiotics in therapy of various diseases (intestine malfunctions, allergy), which improve considerably the life quality of patients with different pathologies. The company is looking for partners in the EU for cooperation in the framework of a distribution services agreement.

Closing date: 14/07/2017

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.


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