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A Russian company offers technical solutions for optimization of oil and gas extraction process (Ref: BORU20150903001)

A Russian company from Perm region provides consulting services and technical solutions for implementation and application of integrated modeling tools and automation of workflows requiring application of an integrated model and its components for oil and gas production and processing companies.The company seeks the partners for the services and distribution services agreement, outsourcing and subcontracting.

Closing date: 07/10/2016

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An opportunity to upgrade Moscow roads and pavements

About 1,2 million people with special needs live in Moscow, including those visually impaired or blind, deaf and hearing impaired, and also physically challenged people.

Moscow city government announces an open international competition to identify innovative solutions to enhance the road and pavement bed and to create a comfortable environment for free and convenient transportation of people with limited mobility.

These solutions should allow full or partial modernisation of the road and pavement bed in the city. New technologies/construction solutions for people with limited mobility are also needed. The solutions are required to be appropriate for different age groups and needs of people, to be climate resilient and to be compliant with the current Russian standards and regulations.

Successfully piloted innovations can be scaled up for further implementation in Moscow.

Closing date: 14/10/2016

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Russian producer of flooring covering seeks suppliers of anodized aluminum profile and aluminum profile machines (Ref: BRRU20151003003)

A Russian company from Krasnoyarsk region specialized in aluminum profiles production is looking for raw materials (anodized aluminum profile) and equipment (aluminum profile machines) suppliers in European countries to complete a manufacturing agreement.

Closing date: 22/10/2016

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Russian home goods hypermarket chain is looking for advanced and innovative products in the category of Tableware & Cookware.

The company operates five hypermarkets and offers thousands of brands and over 300,000 items. It is looking to add to the current portfolio some new and innovative products in the category of Tableware and Cookware. This includes all kinds of tableware for cooking and eating any food including exotic and rare meals and of various materials, colours and styles.

The products should high quality, middle of the market price range and with clearly advanced / different features in terms of design and/or quality in comparison to similar goods available in the market.

Closing date: 31/10/2016

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New transport system in and around Moscow.

The project of light rail transport in Moscow region involves the creation of a new transport system that provides direct commuting between major municipalities and city districts of the Moscow region and the airports of Moscow aviation hub. It is scheduled to be implemented in four stages.

The creation of a modern system of terrestrial light rail passenger transport (LRT), dedicated to connect the most populated cities of the Moscow region is being planned.

The LRT line will connect more than 20 major cities, forming a ring. The ring will include 45-50 stations and 35 transport hubs. South chord line of LRT will pass through Podolsk, Domodedovo and Ramenskoye; East through Konstantinovo, Lytkarino, Kotelniki, Lyubertsy, Balashikha and Railway; North – through Mytishchi, Korolev, Jubilee, Ivanteevka, Fryazino, Moscow region, Shchelkovo and Balashikha., West through Mytishchi, Dolgoprudny, Khimki, Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo and Podolsk.

The first stage of the project is line from Podolsk through Domodedovo to Ramenskoye calling at the airports "Domodedovo" and "Zhukovskiy". The line will have 16 stations, including nine transport hubs. The length of the first line will be 74.5 kilometre.

The project design stage will be initiated in the end of 2016.The construction will start in 2018.

Expertise sought for:

• Transport design and architecture 
• Transport planning 
• Light Rail expertise 
• Transport hub planning and design 
• Ticketing and stage fare expertise

This project is worth GBP 2.6 billion.

Closing date: 01/11/2016

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Russian company is specializing in selling of construction materials is looking for metal roll manufacturers from EU to conclude manufacturing agreement (Ref: BRRU20151201001)

Russian company is specializing in retail and wholesale trade of construction and finishing materials. The company is looking for producers of galvanized steel and wants to conclude manufacturing agreement.

Closing date: 11/12/2016

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A giant European producer of bakery and confectionery agents plans to launch a plant in Russia

The company has already purchased a land lot in the Moscow region. The construction will be launched in June 2016 in one of the industrial districts 75km away from Moscow. The first output of bakery and confectionery agents is scheduled for spring 2017.

Various construction and warehousing solutions are of high demand. Additionally, equipment for production line will be considered.

UKTI Russia invites you to explore opportunities within this project. UKTI will give you advice on current tenders and will introduce your company to the customer on your behalf.

Closing date: 15/12/2016

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Mobile museum platform in Moscow is looking to open a permanent exhibition space

Design services as well as multimedia tools, crowdfunding technologies and brand management are of interest.

A Moscow-based museum is in the process of negotiations with Moscow City Government and investors to open a new exhibition space. Set up in 2013 as a platform for communication, art exhibitions and sightseeing activities the museum is dedicated to the high-rise buildings in the centre of Moscow and the world urbanisation trends. Its collection consists of artefacts, models of the skyscrapers, videos, photographs and design documents. So far it has been operating as a mobile institution with exhibitions held at various venues of Moscow-City; the plan is however to create a permanent exhibition space. The Museum is looking for ideas and will appreciate an early acquaintance with British architects, designers, specialists in the museums sector in order to be prepared to launch the project.

Areas of interest:

Design of exhibition space; 
Multimedia tools; 
Audio-visual production; 
Brand management; 
Crowd funding technologies; 
Educational activities for visitors

Closing date: 31/12/2016

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A Russian engineering company is looking for manufacturers of utility system materials in EU countries to conclude manufacturing agreements (Ref: BRRU20151210001)

Russian company from the Kaliningrad region specializes in construction engineering and is looking for manufacturers of products for utility services activities (air heat pumps, air ventilation and conditioning system, etc.) in EU countries to conclude manufacturing agreements.

Closing date: 28/01/2017

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Multiple contracts to participate in major airport reconstruction: GBP 45 million

Russian airport management and development company seeking UK expertise to participate in reconstruction of one of FIFA‘s WC 2018 host city airport. Numerous expertises are required including design, equipment, IT, security, ground support, machinery

 Major part of the reconstruction must be completed by FIFA WC 2018 but total reconstruction will stretch till 2021. These are just few developments that will take place:

  • installation of landing assistance facilities;
  • installation of lighting and meteorological equipment;
  • temporary passenger terminal solutions;
  • air traffic control tower;
  • luggage processing facilities;
  • automated passenger flow control system;
  • airport fencing;
  • water treatment facilities;
  • save and rescue station;
  • cargo terminal;
  • hangar for aircrafts MRO;
  • hangar for business aviation MRO;
  • cargo sorting and distribution centre;
  • cargo warehouse and logistics centre;
  • truck parking;
  • hotel complex, shopping complex and entertainment centre;
  • a complex of office buildings - "Airport city".

Closing date: 01/02/2017

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Dust recuperation system is sought (Ref: TRRU20160118001)

Russian company from the Republic of Mari El specializes in manufacturing of high-quality doors is looking for the dust recuperation system to be used on-site to reduce dust formation in door production process. The company is looking for partners interested in the commercial cooperation with technical assistance.

Closing date: 01/02/2017

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FIFA World Cup 2018; Development of Sport and Supporting Infrastructure (HVO RUS-18)

Russia's FIFA World Cup

Russia's FIFA World Cup™ plan suggests construction of 13 new stadiums in cities across the country, renovation of three existing ones, and promises investment of USD 11 billion of public and private funds into tourism infrastructure, including hotels, railways and airports, to host several hundred thousand expected visitors.

The Russia’s federal budget will provide USD 10 billion of funding for the FIFA WC 2018 sports infrastructure, excluding airports and roads. The cost of stadium construction alone is projected at USD 3.82 billion. The biggest spending is planned after the year 2013.

The most expensive investments are likely to be in infrastructure that should come from private and public sources and include: USD 35 billion on new roads and railways; more than USD 2 billion on airport upgrades and more than USD 11 billion on development of tourism infrastructure, primarily to increase the number of three-star hotels and budget accommodation.

Contracts arising from the World Cup cover a broad range of sectors, from architecture, engineering, construction management, transport, security, environmental planning, power engineering, sport venue fit out (plant and equipment, seating, surfacing, lighting, IT), through to event delivery (security, recruitment, volunteering programmes, training, broadcasting, event management, media signage, ticketing, screens, temporary overlay, crowd control, transportation and branding), hospitality and catering.

Further details on specific opportunities as a result of  policies will be provided as they become available.

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