Agriculture, Horticulture & Fisheries


A greenhouse complex is interested in new varieties of seeds including tomato and cucumber seeds

You should be able to supply seeds like:

- tomatoes including cherry tomatoes 
- cucumbers

Other products which take up a much smaller size of the business but can also be considered such as:

- mushrooms 
- strawberries 
- flowers

Your products will be tested in regard to quality and productivity. For example, the company's current cucumber yield varies between 45kg to 70kg per square metre depending on the technologies used. It is keen to move forward and open to sourcing more products from abroad if the cost/effect equation works.

You should:

- have a representative or distributor in Russia in order to handle customs and transportation 
- be prepared to communicate in Russian.

The company:

- was established in 1974 
- underwent a modernisation programme between 2005 and 2013 
- employs 250 people in greenhouses covering 10 hectares 
- currently uses imported tomato seeds from Holland and the rest from domestic suppliers

10 more hectares are due to be developed by 2020 

Closing date: 24/12/2017

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Russian company looking for cotton worm chrysalis for research purposes (Ref: BRRU20160816004)

Small research company from Novosibirsk region of Russia specializes in the development and manufacture of bioinsecticides based on baculoviruses. The company is looking to purchase cottonworm chrysalis from a partner under the services agreement. The chrysalises are intended for research purpose.

Closing date: 25/02/2018

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The organising committee for Winter Universiade 2019 needs environmental planning expertise

You should be able to provide:

- landscaping and site finishing solutions 
- a temporary infrastructure concept 
- street furniture 
- garden fixtures 
- lightning solutions 
- a practice grounds concept 
- projects in compliance with International University Sports Federation (FISU) requirements 
- accessible environment solutions

You should also be able to:

- demonstrate a creative approach 
- provide innovative solutions 
- give examples of successful case studies

Universiade 2019 is an international multi-sport event for university athletes. It takes place in Krasnoyarsk in Siberia.

Closing date: 15/03/2018

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An organisation needs quality horse feed for both sports and special therapy horses

You should be able to supply mixes for: 
- everyday high fibre 
- senior horses 
- endurance

The organisation also needs:

- low calories balancers 
- keep calm feed 
- mare milk replacements 
- treats 
- weight control feed 
- vitamin and mineral supplements

There is a large demand for these products in Russia as horse-riding is becoming popular.

They are needed by:

- private stables 
- horse-riding schools 
- horse therapy centres

You must be able to demonstrate previous successful sales.

Closing date: 30/03/2018

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A city department is looking for suppliers of artificial pitch maintenance equipment for school training grounds

You must be able to provide the following equipment: 
- light engineering 
- artificial pitch maintenance 
- turf care systems 
- pitch cleaning

It is needed to increase the life expectancy of the playing surface.

You should also be able to demonstrate a creative approach. 
You will need to give examples of successful case studies.

Closing date: 31/03/2018

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.

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