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A Shenzhen import and export medical device company is seeking medical consumables such as hemostatic powder and surgical disposables

This Shenzhen medical device import and export company is dedicated to importing high-quality medical consumables from overseas to China. It selects products based on quality, suitability, and market potential in China. Once the product is selected, it will create an appropriate market strategy for each individual item.

The company also provides value added services for overseas pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers to launch their products in China, including product registration, and following up the whole process from clinical trials to product registration and launch. It has successfully imported medical devices from Germany and the UK.

Currently it is seeking medical consumables such as hemostatic powder and surgical disposables.

Closing Date: 07/03/2018

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A Harbin based company is seeking a liquid zinc supplement for children

It wants a liquid zinc supplement for children, which could improve their internal secretion and boost immunity.

The company:

- is a professional distributor located in Harbin 
- sells children’s food and drink products in northeast China 
- has been established since 2007 and has experience in local markets 
- is a major partner of one of the largest dairy product groups in Harbin

The company would like to receive images of your products and prices. 

Closing Date: 30/03/2018

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A pharmaceutical group wants to work with UK companies, institutions or universities of Class III medical devices

It wants all types of medical devices.

The form of cooperative is open for discussion. Potential models could share pharmaceutical licenses or allow the Chinese company to act as your distributor.

It would prefer to buy a small sample order to test the market, before it goes ahead with bulk purchases.

The company:

- has been listed on one of the stock exchange markets in China since 2012 
- has a team working on research, manufacturing, distribution and retail 
- products cover liver diseases, depression, digestive system problems and antibiotics 
- is one of the 5 chemical pharmaceutical companies in terms of market value 
- wants to expand into medical devices, particularly Class III medical devices 
- has imported 7 Class III medical devices from Israel and Germany, and is experienced in filing and distribution

Closing Date: 31/03/2018

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A local healthcare research institution is helping local universities to find UK athletic rehabilitation professionals

It is helping local universities and colleges to find UK professionals with a view to setting up a joint training centre with a focus on athletic rehabilitation.

You should be a university or a college which has a good reputation in athletic rehabilitation.

The local healthcare research institution was founded by the local government’s National Health and Family Planning commission. It demonstrates the local governments’ participation in international communication and cooperation. It has communicated with all local hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and relevant universities and has a large network in the local region within the health care sector.

Closing Date: 31/05/2018

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A healthcare research institution is looking for medical consultancy services for hospitals

You should be specialists in a particular department and expected:

- to perform surgical procedures 
- to train local doctors 
- to carry out joint research projects with local professionals

The hospital will provide a good rate of remuneration for foreign doctors.

This healthcare research institution:

- was founded by the government’s National Health and Family Planning Commission 
- demonstrates the local government’s participation in international communications and cooperation 
- has communicated with local hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and relevant universities, and has a large network in the local region within the healthcare sector

Closing Date: 31/05/2018

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.

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