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Institute seeks partner to jointly set up standards for the registration of herbal products in the prevention of geriatric diseases

This Beijing based Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, affiliated to a national level of medical sciences academy, Herbal products (HPs) is looking for UK Biotech & Pharma business partners with the following objective:

The major part of healthcare for >70% of the population of developing countries, and developed countries are becoming conscious of the potential economic and clinical value of HPs in primary health care. Target on the HPs in prevention and treatment of senile diseases, such as cardio-cerebro-vascular and neuro-psychological diseases.

By working with potential UK partner, a China-UK team will be formed to identification and harmonisation standards on efficacy, safety and quality control for registration of HPs, in order that HPs could be commercialised on market.

The major tasks will be:

1. Data collection of herbal products on aged diseases, including neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc., in EU/UK and Chinese markets;

2. Studing regulations, technical requirements of quality control, efficacy and safety evaluation for registration HPs (food supplements, cosmetics, over the counter (OTC) and prescription drugs) in UK/EU and China;

3.  2-3 herbal products will be specified as model samples for registration research systematically, following requirements from both of EU/UK and Chinese authorities, including pre-clinical research and clinical trial.

Closing date: 30/10/2016

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A Chinese aquaculture breeding company is looking for technology for marine probiotics (Ref: TRCN20160622001 )

This Chinese company focusses on high-tech marine products to meet emergent market needs. For example, low environmental impact breeding and production, but also own products with health claims.

It is now looking for technology for breeding marine plants and microbes for health biotechnology, under technical cooperation agreements.

Closing date: 30/06/2017

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Chinese company seeks efficient biodegradation technology against volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (Ref: TRCN20160727001 )

A Chinese company, which is one of the largest environmental protection producer in China, is looking for technology transfer and technical cooperation in the field of efficient biodegradation of volatile organic compounds.

Closing date: 05/08/2017

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A Chinese company is looking for microbial electrochemistry and supercritical water oxidation technology (Ref: TRCN20160803001 )

A Chinese company is looking for microbial electrochemistry and supercritical water oxidation technology. The company is looking for inventor or company which is able to create a technology for mechanized falg unfurling for technical cooperation.

Closing date: 05/08/2017

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.

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