Health, Medical & Social Care


A company is seeking innovative 3D printers for producing human and animal prosthesis

The printers must be ready-to-use devices that can keep track of a patient's records and physical dimensions.

You must also be able to supply software and platforms compatible with the Brazilian market.

The company:

- is very influential in marketing technology solutions 
- based in Campinas, central Brazil where most of the industrial and medical hubs are

Closing date: 30/11/2017

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A company is looking for wearables for health monitoring and accident prevention for the elderly

The technology must:

- provide a smart sensor system to prevent accidents from occurring before it happens 
- be easy and comfortable to use 
- be able to generate location and health data for the purpose of remote monitoring

The company:

- develops IoT solutions 
- operates in various sectors 
- is based in São Paulo.

Closing date: 14/02/2018

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.

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