Opportunities in the Brazilian oil & gas sector

With continued discovery and development of reservoirs, Brazil’s oil & gas sector continues to be one of the world’s biggest markets.

With an average production of 2.47 million boed, Brazil has so far explored only 6% of its sedimentary basins. It is estimated that the pre-salt offshore area contains 56 billion barrels of oil. Also, discoveries in shallow waters are estimated to hold 3 billion barrels in a single well.

The Brazilian major oil & gas company has plans to invest US$ 98.4 bn until 2019, generating opportunities for British specialist suppliers. Other major IOCs are indicating that Brazil remains high on their portfolio.

Ageing assets are also generating opportunity in decommissioning and refitting. Productivity in the more mature fields is declining as remaining reserves prove increasingly challenging to recover.

Well positioned in the market, UK companies have the experience, expertise and technology to contribute to the development of the industry in Brazil.

Closing date: 10/12/2016

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Experienced Brazilian Representation Company looks for UK manufacturer of DBB Plug Valves to supply the Brazilian Oil and Gas Market

Brazilian company with decades of experience representing international brands and distributing valves in Brazil for the Oil and Gas market is looking for a UK manufacturer that produces DBB Plug Valves.

The specific valve is a Double Block and Bleed Plug Valve with double seal feature. The plug should split in 2 slips, both mounted on the plug, and independently to each other. Each slip seals against its respective seat. The slips should retract from its seats when actuating the valve so that the movement can be performed without friction. Also, the valve stem must have a raising movement during the actuation.

The market for this valve is well known by the company as they have 15 years of experience working with such product. The company has a wide network developed over the years and has certification to trade to major players from the Oil and Gas industry in Brazil. The company has storage facilities, where the products are kept under warranty, and they also take care of aftersales services for some of the products offered by the companies they represent.

Closing date: 10/12/2016

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Equipment and services sought in the Brazilian Wind Energy sector to meet industry’s growth

Brazil has been ranked among the top ten global renewable energy investors. Also, wind energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source in Brazil. Official figures point to a 300GW potential for onshore wind.

There are currently 6GW of installed capacity and another 7GW contracted. By 2023, total wind participation should reach 22.4GW. According to ANEEL (National Energy Agency), there are 115 plants under construction and 331 to be constructed.

A recent study developed in Brazil, identified the main gaps in the local supply chain.

If your company can supply products or provide services for the wind energy, please register your interest below and we will send you the list of products identified.

Closing date: 27/12/2016

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Brazilian specialists give an overview about solar sector

Brazil`s solar energy sector is getting off the ground. In recent years, the solar energy sector has received incentives such as tax reduction and financing in order to increase its participation in the electricity matrix.

If the industry continues to grow at the same rate forecasts show that the market will generate £800 million a year, with the installation of large scale power plants (not including distributed generation). There are great opportunities for UK companies to supply services and equipment to PV and CSP projects in Brazil.

The Brazilian Association of Photo-voltaic Solar Energy (Absolar) and a specialist from Bloomberg Brazil presented the future opportunities for the UK supply chain, the government incentives to attract new suppliers

Closing date: 28/12/2016

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Local company specialised in the machining, water cutting, valves and coatings is seeking a UK firm to partner

The local company has begun operations in 1991, providing metal work services. Since the beginning, they have focused the work on attending the expectations and demands by from innovating and therefore have developed important projects and a broad services` portfolio.

The company is specialised in metal work, special coatings, and water jet cutting.

They fabricate a variety of industrial equipment and welded parts with carbon and stainless steel, having at disposal advanced technologies for conventional and CNC machining in steel, plastic and elastomers for the fabrication of many kinds of parts, all customized, according to projects, drawings or samples.

They are RINA ISO 9001:2008 certified and registered in the CRCC – Petrobras database. Their facility has around 6000 m of space located in a city called Ipatinga – in the state of Minas Gerais, southeast Brazil.

Their clients include companies such as Petrobras and steel mills like Vale, Usiminas, Gerdau.

Now the company is looking for an UK partner interested in entering the market and meeting the local content policy by fabricating together with them.

Closing date: 31/12/2016

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National oil company Business Plan 2013 - 2017 (HVO BRA-18)

Petrobras’ investments in the ‘pre-salt’ oil fields off the coast of Brazil offer significant and potentially lucrative opportunities for UK companies who have developed cutting-edge goods and services in areas of deepwater reserves.

Petrobras’ investments in the ‘pre-salt’ oil fields off the coast of Brazil offer significant and potentially lucrative opportunities for UK companies who have developed cutting-edge goods and services in areas of deep-water production.

This multi-billion dollar investment by Petrobras provides opportunities for the supply of critical components, technologies, services and parts to the oil & gas and shipbuilding sectors which the Brazilian sector groups have said it will remain unviable to manufacture in Brazil, and so must be imported.

UKTI’s aim is to engage at a high-level with key players (both commercial and political), hold events to showcase UK capability, highlight opportunities to UK companies, work with UK and local companies to understand and satisfy the Brazilian Government’s local content requirements and working with UK Export Finance to provide lines of credit.

UKTI is working closely with Petrobras, and Brazilian prime contractors, to identify specific project opportunities for UK companies, and to facilitate introductions into the international and local supply chains.

Closing date: 31/12/2016

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.

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