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A company is looking to partner with a UK digital media provider

You should be able to supply:

- magazines 
- newspapers 
- books

The company wants to represent and distribute the content in:

- hotels 
- cruise ships 
- restaurants 
- airports 
- libraries

Closing date: 15/01/2018

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A production company is looking for a UK production company to co-produce a film

You should be able to offer VFX, post production services, or other co-production partnerships.

The Brazilian company is an audiovisual production company which focuses on production and distribution strategies compatible with each project, either in cinema, television or new media. It's main goal is to make projects that speak to the audience, identifying the right public for each project.

In order for this to happen, the project is treated as a whole, from development to commercialisation, going through a well-structured pre-production, which helps reduce the production time and costs, and create solutions for the post-production.

The project is a fiction film based on a true story. The story of an Indian who lives on the streets of Boa Vista. His unusual thoughts made him a foreigner in his tribe, but his origins made him a foreigner in the city.

Closing date: 05/02/2018

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.

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