Architecture & Construction


A metro operator has launched an international tender for the design and development of its line expansion

The operator needs a supplier for a permanent way:

The tender includes:

- development and design 
- supply 
- implementation 
- testing and technical documentation provision

This is part of the line section expansion, which will also include:

- the extension of tunnel tracks 
- testing and injection of the track's direct fastening segments

The value of the contract is around £290,000.

UK companies can submit proposals in English. The deadline for the submission of proposals is on 24 July 2017.

Closing date: 19/07/2017

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A commuter train operator has launched a tender for the partial adaptation of 34 stations for people with special needs

The state-owned train operator is looking to increase accessibility for passengers. The tender includes:

- executive project design 
- preliminary services, for example topography 
- architecture services 
- physical adaptation of stations

The contract is worth BRL 2.6 million (about £659,000).

The 34 stations are divided into 4 lots which include:

- lot 1: 8 stations 
- lot 2: 7 stations 
- lot 3: 11 stations 
- lot 4: 8 stations

Companies can bid for more than one lot.

To bid, UK companies must:

- have a local office or partner 
- submit their proposal in Portuguese

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 1 August.

Closing date: 26/07/2017

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Brazilian company specialised in products for kitchen and housewares is looking for representation or distribution services agreement (Ref: BOBR20160121001)

Brazilian company specialized in kitchen and households goods with innovative, intuitive, high value solutions for the daily life based on a modern design is looking for a partnership to access the European market. The partnerships considered are: representation agreement and distribution services agreement.

Closing date: 18/08/2017

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.

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