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Opportunities for UK oil & gas specialist suppliers

With an average production of 2.47 million boed, Brazil has so far explored only 6% of its sedimentary basins. It is estimated that the pre-salt offshore area contains 56 billion barrels of oil. Also, discoveries in shallow waters are estimated to hold 3 billion barrels in a single well.

The Brazilian major oil & gas company has plans to invest US$ 98.4 bn until 2019, generating opportunities for British specialist suppliers. Other major IOCs are indicating that Brazil remains high on their portfolio.

Ageing assets are also generating opportunity in decommissioning and refitting. Productivity in the more mature fields is declining as remaining reserves prove increasingly challenging to recover.

Well positioned in the market, UK companies have the experience, expertise and technology to contribute to the development of the industry in Brazil.

Our team can assist your company to identify how much of your product Brazil has been importing, the market share of the UK, and how to access the available opportunities.

Closing date: 31/07/2017

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Global company seeks new solutions in fire fighting and gas leak prevention

The Brazilian company wants new technology in gas detection and fire fighting systems.

The equipment is for use in:

- refineries 
- offshore / onshore exploration and production 
- industrial vessels

The company is one of the main names in provision of services in the offshore sector. They already represent a UK fire protection company. They are kean to represent new innovative products and services.

Closing date: 31/07/2017

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Company needs partners to expand into corrosion monitoring, subsea and decommissioning

An engineering company is looking to expand activities by including new areas in its portfolio. It has been focused so far on the offshore and downstream areas and is now looking into subsea and decommissioning.

It has large expertise in the oil and gas industry. It is also looking to grow its business within Brazil by developing business in other regions of the country and other countries in Latin America. It would like to hear from any UK engineering company considering a presence in Brazil through a local partner. It is also interested in contact from companies that could offer innovative technology products or services in this area.

The company has oilfield operators, Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) owners and operators within its client list. It is registered as a supplier to Petrobras.

It is already partnered with a UK company for the local distribution of their products.

Closing date: 31/08/2017

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An oil and gas company is looking for UK providers of marine services and supplies

It needs services such as:

- berthing and dry docking 
- construction and operational support 
- offshore, subsea and onshore decommissioning 
- distribution and stocking 
- freight forwarding 
- marine installation 
- port and quayside facilities management 
- vessel chartering 
- warehousing and storage

It also wants products for workboats and shipping containers.

The company is looking for new suppliers for future projects. It is a well-established firm in the oil and gas sector.

Closing date: 30/09/2017

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Brazillian global company is looking for UK partners in offshore project

A Brazillian company is looking for UK companies that can provide:

- plug and abandon well services 
- subsea services

The company is one of the leading equipment and software names in Brazil's oil and gas sector. They have great expertise in offshore services and operate in the USA, Angola and Norway as well.

The company are a supplier of maritime and subsea services which includes but is not limited to:

- mooring systems 
- waste water treatment 
- top side and subsea valves

Communication will be in English.

Closing date: 30/09/2017

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*Opportunities supplied by the Department for International Trade & Europe Enterprise Network.

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