Malta: an export hub for global expansion

20 May 2015

Exporters wishing to target Malta, Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East can gain some crucial tips and meet new contacts at an event in Leeds in this spring.

The “Malta: an export hub for global expansion” programme is scheduling 1:1 one-hour meetings with a Maltese official, organised by export specialist, Chamber International, in association with inward investment body, Malta Enterprise.

Malta, which is reputed to have one of the world’s best climates, has a 165,000-strong labour force, with unemployment running at 6.5 per cent and highly competitive corporation tax.

The country has been an EU member since 2004 and started to use the Euro as its main currency four years later. Malta’s main trading partners are Italy, Germany, France, UK, Singapore, USA and Libya and it is also increasingly becoming a gateway to fast-growing economies in Northern Africa.      

According to Malta Enterprise, the main opportunities for Yorkshire exporters in Malta and North Africa are in ICT, life sciences, education, advanced manufacturing, oil and gas, maritime and financial services.

Also, as Malta is strategically located along main Mediterranean trading routes, it is established as a logistics hub and a base for trading, regional storage, transhipment, distribution and marketing for international operations.

Malta Enterprise investment promotion manager, John Mizzi, says: “Malta has undergone an incredible transformation since in 1964. Progress and flexibility are key factors in our ability to react quickly to international trends and the global market place.

Venue: Leeds Chamber of Commerce, 2nd Floor, Elizabeth House, 13-19 Queen Street, Leeds LS1 2TW 

Date: May 20th

Time: from 9:00am to 17:00pm

Cost: £59 (excluding VAT).

Discount available to members of Chambers of Commerce

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