David Marsden


David Marsden is the Director UK & Ireland of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. A graduate of the London School of Economics, in Economic History, David spent 10 years in the private sector, in financial services, advertising, and interior design before joining the TDC in January 1986.

As Marketing Officer for the UK & Ireland, David worked under successive Regional Directors, to push HK to the forefront of opinion and public recognition in the boom days of the late 80's and early 90's, culminating is a massive PR campaign to reassure the British about the continued vitality of HK as the SAR of China after 1997. Post Handover, David worked on the promotion of the new Hong Kong with the establishment of the HK-UK Business Forum, which now has 850+ members, and in 2001, established the Ireland HK Business Forum, one of youngest members of the 30 association world-wide Federation of HK Business Associations.

Since 2003 David has been responsible for the broad strategy and implementation of the HKTDC’s marketing and promotional campaigns in his market, which he leads from the front by visiting and speaking in up to 25 cities a year in Britain and Ireland.  Although his career with the TDC has been mostly London-based, he has worked at the Council's Paris and Frankfurt offices, as well as in Head Office itself on various secondments.

His extra-curricular interests include public speaking, reading - especially poetry - theatre, ballet and music and walking, in both town and country.  A keen member of the Victorian Society in England, he is a lover of the past, especially in architecture and interior decoration.


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