Certificate of Conformity for exports to Niger


The Agence Nationale de Vérification de Conformité aux Normes (AVCN)  is introducing a mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme for exports to Niger.

The programme in Niger will be enforced from 1st April 2015. 

To assure its consumers of the safety and quality of imported goods, the Government of Niger through the AVCN is introducing a Conformity Assessment Programme (CAP) for exports to Niger.

The CAP verifies the conformity of all regulated products and enforces their standards. Compliance to CAP requirements are applicable in addition to any existing import processes.

Exporters shipping to Niger any products unless those on the exempted listed below will require a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for Customs clearance, those consignments arriving without the CoC will result in severe delays in goods clearance, penalties, or even shipments being returned.

Only the following are exempt from the programme:

  • Arms and ammunitions,
  • Scrap metal
  • Live animals
  • Newspapers
  • Reimports
  • Personal effects and repatriated objects ( including vehicles if residents are repatriating to Niger)
  • Postal packages without commercial value and express courier
  • Commercial samples
  • Personal gifts
  • Gifts from foreign government, foreign organizations or private persons in case of catastrophe
  • Gifts and material imported for their own use diplomatic mission or consular
  • Imports with a total value not exceeding 500 000 CFA (930 USD)

Exporters of regulated products to Niger can contact Chamber International to obtain more information on the programme and also apply for CoCs.

Contact our specialist Lydia Moi on 0845 034 7200 or by email for further details.

Apply NOW from anywhere in the UK by contacting our specialist Lydia Moi on 0845 034 7200 or email