Case Study - Uniexpress Ltd

The quick and easy route to conformity  

Certificates of Conformity aren’t always the most straightforward documents for you to deal with. These essential bits of paperwork are needed to export various products in a number of African and Middle Eastern markets as well as Russia.

Get it wrong and shipments can get blocked. The result – frustrated customers and delayed payments.

Rather than getting tied up in knots with CoCs, talk to us for a quick and convenient local solution. As well as advice we can deal with urgent certificates and even deliver them in person if necessary.

International freight forwarder Uniexpress, which has offices in Bradford and Manchester, use us exclusively for their clients’ CoCs. Export operator Martin Stirk has found Chamber International’s service invaluable – especially for the more demanding markets.

“Without their help we would have struggled,” he says. “In places like Saudi Arabia Certificates of Conformity are required for everything.

“The people at Chamber International are a good source of knowledge. We consult with them a lot and if they don’t know initially they manage to find out the information and come back to us with the answers.

“We deal with them and get a draft certificate the next day. It’s a very quick process.”

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