How to Minimise Risk & Maximise Profits - 

Export Sales Workshop


This one-day training workshop aimed at Export Sales, Finance and Customer Services Teams concerned with:

  • Developing new or existing overseas markets
  • The costs, risks and obligations of sellers and buyers when delivering goods internationally
  • The risks, costs and cash flow pressures associated with international payment terms
  • Managing foreign currency exposures

The workshop will help you to understand how to establish an effective policy when dealing with overseas buyers and assess the alternative methods of payment as a means of:

  • Securing overseas debts
  • Negotiating favourable credit terms to promote the growth of sales 


  1. Understanding of the key financial risks facing exporting companies, including
  1. Buyer risk
  2. Country risk
  3. Bank risk
  4. Performance risk
  1. Incoterms ® Rules
  1. Understanding the use and application of the Incoterms ® rules
  2. Selecting a delivery term appropriate for the method of transport
  3. The common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  1. Choosing the Terms and Methods of Payment
  1. Advance Payment (Proforma) v Open Account
  2. Collections and Bills of Exchange 
  1. Letters of Credit - a practical guide
  1. How letters of credit work
  2. Confirmed L/Cs
  3. Bank Demand Guarantees and Standby Credits
  4. Terms & conditions
  5. Requesting a workable L/C
  6. Understanding the rules – UCP 600
  7. Avoiding common errors and discrepancies 
  1. Financing export transactions
  1. Understanding your trade cycle
  2. Structured bank facilities 
  1. Managing Foreign Exchange Risks

Delegates will receive comprehensive support materials, including detailed notes and copies of the presentation slides.


Venue: Yorkshire Bank, Leeds

Date: 24 September 2019

Time: from 9.30am to 4.30pm

Cost: Regular Customers / Chamber Members £297 +VAT

Non-Regular Customers / Non-Chamber Members £397 +VAT

Includes lunch and refreshments

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